• Post time: Jun-19-2024

    To measure the circumference of a heat press felt belt, the following methods can be used, which incorporate relevant information from the referenced articles: Method 1: Direct measurement Prepare the tools:  Make sure you have an accurate measuring tool such as a tape measure or measuring tape....Read more »

  • Gray felt conveyor belts are used in a wide range of application scenarios
    Post time: Jun-18-2024

    Gray felt conveyor belts are used in a wide range of application scenarios, the following will be based on different industries and specific application scenarios for detailed points and summarized: Food processing industry: Application background: In food production lines, felt conveyor belts a...Read more »

  • What is egg collection belt?
    Post time: Jun-17-2024

    Egg collection belt, also known as polypropylene conveyor belt, egg collection belt or egg collection conveyor belt, is a kind of conveyor equipment designed for chicken farms and other poultry farms. Its main function is to collect and transport eggs to reduce the breakage rate of eggs in the tr...Read more »

  • What is the PP manure belt?
    Post time: Jun-17-2024

    PP manure belt, i.e. manure cleaning belt made of polypropylene (PP), is mainly used for manure cleaning in the farming industry. Here is a detailed explanation about PP manure belt: Material and Characteristics: Material: PP (polypropylene) is used as the main raw material, which has excellent ...Read more »

  • Annilte Manufacturers of thermal transfer felts
    Post time: Jun-14-2024

    Manufacturers of thermal transfer felts (Nomex belt) often focus on the quality and characteristics of their products to meet the needs of their customers.Annilte’s thermal transfer felts offer the following advantages:   Material Quality: Made with A+ material to ensure the quality a...Read more »

  • Quality double-sided gray felt Annilte felt belt
    Post time: Jun-13-2024

    Quality double-sided gray felt usually has the following distinguishing features: Material and Construction: Made from high-quality wool or other fiber materials to ensure the durability and comfort of the felt. Both sides are gray, uniform in color with no visible color differences or imperfecti...Read more »

  • Annilte Low temperature resistance Poultry manure cleaning belt!
    Post time: Jun-12-2024

    Poultry manure cleaning belt, also known as manure clearing belt, is a specialized equipment applied in poultry farms, mainly used for cleaning and transporting manure produced by poultry. The following is a detailed description of the poultry manure cleaning belt (manure cleaning belt): Function...Read more »

  • What is a poultry manure cleaning belt?
    Post time: Jun-12-2024

      Poultry manure cleaning belt, usually referred to as manure cleaning belt, is a kind of equipment specially applied to poultry farms, which is mainly used for cleaning manure in livestock and poultry houses. The following is a detailed introduction about poultry manure cleaning belt: &nbs...Read more »

  • Which manure removal belt lasts longer?
    Post time: Jun-08-2024

    When comparing the service life of manure clearing belts made of different materials, we can consider the characteristics of the material, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and other aspects. According to publicly available information, the following is a brief analysis of the service lif...Read more »

  • differences between a good pp manure removal belt and a poor
    Post time: Jun-08-2024

    There are significant contrasting differences between a good manure removal belt and a poor one in several ways. Here are some of the main points of comparison: Material and durability: Good manure removal belts are usually made of high-quality synthetic materials or natural rubber, which have h...Read more »

  • Annilte Wool Felt Conveyor Belt for Bakery
    Post time: Jun-07-2024

    Wool Felt Conveyor Belt for Bakery is a special material designed for bakery industry, which is mainly used for carrying and transferring foodstuffs during the baking process. Below are the details and features of wool felt conveyor belts for baking:   1,High temperature resistance: wool fe...Read more »

  • Annilte Felt synchronous belt for aluminum profiles
    Post time: Jun-07-2024

    Felt synchronous belt is a kind of synchronous belt with felt added on the surface, which has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, anti-static, wear resistance, cutting resistance and material scratch prevention.   The characteristics of the felt synchronous belt : 1...Read more »

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